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    • Doors, frames skirting’s window boards and any other woodwork to be dusted and polished
    • Wipe down and remove any marks, water stains or residue to all sanitary ware
    • Wipe and polish all taps and shower fittings/screens
    • Tiled areas to be cleaned and polished
    • Disinfect toilets and supply clip on toilet blocks to maintain freshness
    • Polish all ironmongery, sockets and switches
    • All light fittings to be dusted/cleaned
    • Cupboards and units to be wiped out
    • Drawers to be wiped out
    • Worktops – Display items to be removed and worktops to be cleaned and polished. Sinks and taps to be polished
    • Kitchen appliances to be wiped down using applicable cleaning products
    • Wardrobes to be vacuumed out and shelves wiped down including rails and doors
    • Bedding to be shook prior to vacuuming
    • All other surfaces throughout to be dusted /polished including bedside tables dining tables coffee tables etc
    • Wash/dust all other ornamental items and replace to original position
    • Pictures and mirrors to be dusted and polished. Ensure mirrors smear free
    • Fabric upholstery to be vacuumed
    • Leather upholstery to be cleaned with applicable product
    • Vinyl/tiled floor areas to be vacuumed and mopped using applicable product to ensure no smearing
    • Carpeted areas to be thoroughly vacuumed
    • Carpeted areas to be spot cleaned if necessary. (Notify sales if unable to remove marks)
    • Internal windows and frames cleaned and ensure free from smears. Windows opened and recesses cleaned

    • External windows, frames, doors to be cleaned and ensure free from smears
    • Fascia, soffits, external lighting, meter boxes and rainwater goods to be cleaned
    • External balustrade and porch entrance to be cleaned
    • External signage, fencing, flagpoles and garage door to be cleaned

    Plug in air fresheners and refills can be supplied for additional cost

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